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HHOOT's Distribution Center Page

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If there is anything we have learned in our 18+ years of helping people, it’s the fact
the more we give to those in need, the more donations we receive back.

If you are one of those donors, Thank You.
Not exactly Luke 6:38 but we believe it'
s a God thing!  |  Why we do what we do: Matthew 25:34-46
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HRH-HHOOT has been an IRS 501 (c)(3) since August 2008.
VSC has been an IRS 501 (c)(3) since January 2014
Learn how you can Volunteer & Donate to HHOOT's Distribution Center below.

Getting It To Our Warehouse
Entrance to HHOOT's Distribution Center Mustard Seed bed pick-up with HVAF Don & Charlie at CVS warehouse with Mike making a pick-up Charlie using Habitat for Humanity's forklift Good News Mission helps us unload our truck of Donations from Midwest Foods Picking up Donations at Midwest Food Bank Donations coming into HHOOT VSC worked with Downtown Indy to help Horizon House with clothing & food drive  Donations in to HHOOT HHOOT picking up donations at HVAF  
Don Hawkins started working with Indiana's Prisons, Work Release Centers, Community Corrections Corp., GEO, Liberty Hall, Jails, Inmates, and ExOffenders in 2002.  He has volunteered and worked on Community Advisory Boards, prison ministries, clothes drives, electronics drives, mentoring, etc.  Mr. Hawkins started HRH in 2006 and incorporated Homeless & ReEntry Helpers, Inc. (HRH) in 2008 and Helpers Helping Others Outreach  Team (HHOOT) in 2011) and has been serving/helping Indy's Homeless, ExOffenders & Veterans since then. In 2011 HRH Partnered with the Mayors' Advisory Council for Veterans (MACV) to help with the Mayor's first "Veterans Appreciation Day" event at the American Legion Mall. In 2014, when Veterans Support Council, Inc. (VSC) was formed, HRH was its second Partner (MACV was the first). Since then, VSC & HRH have shared and maintained warehouse space to help those in need, including Indy's Veterans, Military, and their Families.
Below are pictures of our warehouse and just some of the many partners, donors, helpers, volunteers, and ministries that help HRH & VSC serve those in immediate need through HHOOT's Distribution Center.

HRH-HHOOT & VSC's Warehouse 
2457 E Washington St (View map - We are behind 30 S Temple Ave)

HHOOT's Distribution Center is Not a Food Pantry.

To find a food pantry near you, please call 2-1-1 or (866) 211-9966 - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We only serve Agencies or individuals accompanied by an Agency, and we only have drinks & non-perishable food items.

We do not have perishable food items like bread, milk, eggs, cheese, butter, meat, baked items, vegetables, or fruit of any kind.

Our Donors, Partners, Helpers & Volunteers
Veterans helping deliver 125 food boxes to Veterans families

Midwest Food Bank

Lions Club Logo

Second Helpings Logo

CVS Pharmacy Logo

Amanda from Helping Heroes of America making a pick-up

Charlie helping Carlos' ministry with a load of drinks and non-perishable food items David Sassman & Don Hawkins accepting a $2,500 donation from American Legion Post 64

VSC, HRH & HHOOT's Welcome sign at the Temple Street Entrance

Clare and her Brown Bag Ministries WolunteersBonnie at Old Bethel Church

Volunteers making a pick-up for Officer Davis Moore's Food Pantry Soldiers in Afghanistan with the boxes of goodies from HHOOT's Distribution Center that Helping Heroes of America sent to them. Kathy Griffin & her ReEntry Team from Pendleton Industrial Facility delivering blankets for the Homeless
Humble Impressions making a pick upDowntown Indy, Indianapolis Indians Mascot & VSC on the Circle to help the Homeless food and clothing drive Vietnamese Group and Carlos Group getting ready to serve our homeless AL Post 34 Post Commander Eli Hinkel  making a pick-upDisabled American Veterans making a pick-up
The Crane House making a pick-up The gang from Servant's Heart of Indy VSC delivering drinks and snacks to a new women's shelter in Clay City Indiana Old Don & Justin picking up and dropping off
IN Department of Corrections delivers blankets made by the inmates for the homeless Stuffed Animals from the Marine Corps Toys for Tots program Brown Bag Ministries making a delivery to the Carine House Carlos and his family of Volunteers
Volunteers from Brown Bag Ministries Volunteers sorting donations from CVS Don Hawkins & Davis Sassman accepting a donation from American Legion Commanders IndyVeterans.com & VSC passing our items at the Helping Heroes of America event
VSC accepting Turkey donations for Thanksgiving Sarah (from Vietnam) & Carlos (from Mexico) together again serving our homeless friends in Indy. Ron Martin from the VFW donating packages to VSC & HRH
Our Warehouse
Storage Racks Section 1 of VSC & HRH's warehouse Section 3 at VSC & HRH's warehouse Section 2 of HRH & VSC's warehouse
Section 6 of VSC & HRH's warehouse - Thy Lyons Club donates reading glasses to those in need Section 6 of VSC & HHRH's warehouse Section 7 of VSC & HRH's warehouse - Men's suits from the Men's Warehouse Sorting Area
Overload at our warehouse Women's products & Adult diapers Blankets, Sleeping Bags & Mats Section 4 of VSC & HRH's warehouse
New donations in staging area Hospital Beds, canes, walkers & crutches We stock Military MRE's for emergencies New donations
We need totes to store some food items Coats & Jackets Incoming donations from CVS A limited amount of clothing and condiments  may be available
Beds donated from Indiana University to HRH

Suppliers, Events, and Partners HRH-HHOOT & VSC Supports, and  Shares Resources with:


  • Second Helpings - donate & receive
  • Midwest Food Bank - donate & receive
  • Lions Club - donate
  • CVS Distribution Center - donate
  • Third Phase Women's Shelter - donate & receive
  • The Julian Center - donate & receive


  • Horizon Fellowship - Summer Camp
  • Helping Heroes of America Bike Ride
  • Mayors' Veterans Appreciation Day
  • Marine Corps League
  • HVAF's Standdown
  • VVA - Vietnam Veterans of America
  • IN Legislative Day
  • IN War Memorial meetings
  • DAV - Disabled American Vets
  • Honor and Help
  • Southport Key Club - backpacks for seniors & the homeless
  • Downtown Indy on the Circle - clothing & food drive to help Indy's homeless
  • Welcome Home Vietnam - First delivery of The "Gift"

(Revised 14Apr21 at 1405)

Partners & Providers:

  • AL -American Legion Post #3
  • AL -American Legion Post #34
  • AL -American Legion Post #64
  • AL -American Legion Post #360
  • AL - American Legion Post #497
  • AL -American Legion Post #500
  • AL -American Legion Post #510
  • Brown Bag Ministries - Street Outreach
  • Changing Footprints - South
  • Cornerstone Luthern Church
  • Country Side Nursing Homes
  • Crane House for Women
  • DAV - DIsabled American Veterans
  • Dove Recovery House for Women
  • Easterseals Crossroads
  • Family First
  • FIDO - Pet Food Pantry
  • Fletcher Place Community Center
  • Food4Soul – Street Outreach
  • Glory Baptist Church
    • Foundation Ministries
  • Good News Mission
  • Habitat for Humanity - Work Crews
  • Helping Heroes of America
  • Horizon House - Day Center
  • Humble Impressions
  • HVAF - Hoosier Veterans and Families
  • IFD - Fire Houses
  • IMPD - District Offices
  • Indy Vet House
  • Indy Veterans.com
  • Julian Center for Women
  • Lady of Lords Cub Scout Pack
  • Martin Center
  • Mustard Seed
  • Nest Christian Youth Center
  • NGAI - National Guard Association of Indiana

Partners & Providers (cont.):

  • Officer David Moore Food Pantry
  • Old Bethel Food Pantry
  • Our Mission is to Win Souls
  • Our Shepherd Lutheran Church
  • Onyx Team - Street Outreach
  • Outreach, Inc.
  • Pathway to Recovery
  • Power of God Ministries
  • Pride Academy Child Care
  • Progress House
  • Servant's Heart – Street Outreach
  • Shalaw Dream Builders
  • Shepherd Community Center
  • Southeastern Community Center
  • St Vincent de Paul
  • Third Phase Women’s Shelter
  • Union Auto Worker #933
  • Vet to Vet
    • Jose Flores
  • VFW - Post #98
  • VFW - Post #1587
  • VFW - Post #2587
  • VFW - Post #2839
  • VFW - Post #7119 
  • VOA - Volunteers of America
  • Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans
  • Wheeler Mission - Men-on Delaware
  • Wheeler Mission - Men-on Ohio
  • Wheeler Mission - Women-on Michigan
Above is a partial list of organizations and agencies that HRH, HHOOT & VSC have been working with for years in one way or another.  We all share what we get so nothing goes to waste from the donations we collectively receive from our suppliers, vendors and donors.

Monthly Donors that are Helping HRH-HHOOT & VSC keep going Single Donors
  • Don Hawkins
  • General Carol Mutter
  • Charlie Kootz
  • Clare Osborn
  • JL Hair Rentals
  • Ann B Adcook
  • Veterans Support Council. Inc.
  • American Legion Post #510
    • Paul Norton & Hal Daniels
  • Andrea & the Kids (Brown Bag)
  • Patrick Sweeney
  • Thomas Bromstrup
  • Barry Styles
  • Humble Impressions
    • Rebecca Pardue
  • Gordon Smith
  • American Legion Post #276
  • Paul (Ponytail) Cauley & G.G. Bedwell
      In Memoriam of Mark Cauley

Below are earlier pictures from HRH & HHOOT's warehouse & HHOOT's Diner.  HRH & HHOOT served hot meals (averaging from 75 to 90 people per meal, 7 days a week from 3-6 PM) plus handed out clothing, and personal hygiene items to our homeless friends for over ten years at our old location on E. Michigan St. before we lost our lease in the Spring of 2017. 
In the Summer of 2017, we moved to our new 6,500 sqft warehouse at 2457 E. Washington St. where we continued the clothing and personal hygiene giveaway program.  A few months later we added services that offered Veterans organizations, street ministries and professional agencies, with water, sodas, Gatorade, chips, snacks, non-perishable food items, and other things they could distribute to our homeless friends and others in need.
Group of Volunteers Thanksgiving Diner at the old HHOOT's Diner Group of Volunteers
Horizon Christin Church cooking for one of our events A night a HHOOT's Diner Where we kept our shoes for the homeless Where we kept our Hygeine items
HHOOT's Diner at 920 E Michigan St Old Clothing Pantry - we had 12 racks of clothes A Night at HHOOT's Diner Lining up outside HHOOT's Diner
One of our volunteer groups One of our volunteer geroups One of our volunteer groups Group of original volunteers
Don Hawkins being interviewed by the press Empire Beauty Collège used to cut hair once a month for the homeless Group of volunteers Group of Boy Scout volunteers
We held 3 weddings and 4 funeral services at HHOOT's Diner over the years Don Hawkins & Kathy Albright helping relocate some homeless friends Group of Volunteers HRH held several outside events every year
HHOOT's Diner at 918 E Michigan St Gene Miller & Pastor Trey Davis of Cornerstone Church Volunteers at HHOOT's Diner Dining outside HHOOT's Diner

Information on Past HRH & HHOOT Projects

How You Can Help HHOOT's Disttribution Center

Donate Cash, Check, or Credit Card to HHOOT's Distribution Center (HRH-HHOOT & VSC's Partnership) in one of three ways:
  1. Thru PayPal - Just go to the section below, click on the "Donate" button and follow the instructions.
  2. By Mail - Send your check or money order, payable to HRH-HHOOT" to 2457 E Washington St, Suite F, Indianapolis, IN 46201 USA. Please make sure you make a note on your check or money order for what your payment is to be used for.
  3. Drop Off - Bring your cash or check (made payable to HRH-HHOOT) to any MACV or VSC meeting.

Use PayPal to Donate to HHOOT's Distribution Center (HDC)
Donations to HHOOT's Distribution Center go to HRH-HHOOT and not VSC.
To Donate to VSC-MACV click here.

Thru PayPal - Make your one-time Donation, or an ongoing monthly Donation to suppport HDC through our HRH-HHOOT's PayPal account. HRH-HHOOT has been an IRS 501 (c)(3) since August 2008. Just click on the "Donate" button bwlow & follow the instructions.

By Mail - Make your check or money order payable to "HRH-HHOOT" and mail to: 2457 E Washington St, Suite F, Indianapolis, IN 46201

Donate Clothing, Hygiene & Non-Perishable Food Items

You can also Donate Food, Clothing and Personal Hygiene items to HRH-HHOOT & VSC to help our Homeless Friends and Veterans:

HHOOT's Distribution Center for Street Outreach is located at 2457 E Washington St, Suite F, Indianapolis, IN 46201.
Please make deliveries to our warehouse "behind" 30 S Temple Ave (click here for map).  
(S Temple Ave is one block West of Rural St on E Washington St., Turn South on S Temple Ave and go to the end of the street, turn right inside of the gate.)

Please Download HRH & VSC's
Flyer and Distribute to Your Group.

HRH & VSC Donation Flyer

Please call HHOOT's Distribution Center at (317) 632-0500 if you have any questions. Download HRH & VSC's Flyer here.
Do You Want to Help  Veterans,
ExOffenders & the Homeless?

Help Us Collect What They Need, including socks, underware, shirts, sweatshirts, pants, jackets, coats, personal hygiene Items, blankets, non-perishable food items, etc.
VSC's & HRH's Donation Barrel

Call (317) 632-0500 to have a "Donation Barrel" delivered to your Place of Business, Veterans Post, or Office today!

For Medical or Physical Emergencies:

  • If you or someone you are helping is hurt or in imminent danger, please get to a phone and dial 9-1-1 for immediate help.
  • If you or someone you know is feeling suicidal, or facing a crisis, dial 2-1-1 in Indy or 1-(866) 211-9966 for immediate help.
  • If you are a victim of domestic violence dial 1-(800) 332-7385 in Indy for help.

For Non-Emergencies:

  • If you are a Veteran, or a family member of a Veteran, in search of information on how to get goods or services you/they may need, you can dial 2-1-1or contact one of the Service Providers or Veterans Organizations listed on our "Resources" page.
  • Cellphone users in Marion County may now dial 3-1-1 to reach the non-emergency line for IMPD and other Marion County dispatchers. The non-emergency phone number for callers using landlines is (317) 327-3811.

Please Note:

  • VSC & MACV are not providers of any financial assistance or direct services other than Information and Referrals on where to get goods, services, programs, and benefits for Veterans, Military, and their Families.


  • This is a private website that is NOT affiliated with the U.S. government, U.S. Armed Forces or the U.S. or Indiana Department of Veteran Affairs.
  • We reserve the right to monitor the content of this website and regret that some recommended resources may not be accepted for one reason or another. 
  • The information and organizations listed on this website do not necessarily mean that we endorse their information and/or their resources.  We have done our best to include information and resources that could contribute to and benefit our Veterans, the Military Community, and their Families.

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