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Advice for Finding Help

Goods, Services & Programs: When calling service providers for help, you should always call more than one service provider for the things you think you need. Usually, no one service provider can provide you or your family with everything you need. It is recommended that you consult with an experienced counselor, support coach, or case manager from one of the below service providers that regularly works with Veterans and active Military personnel. By having one of them interview you, they can better help you determine what services and programs you may need, and/or be entitled too.
Benefits: If you are looking for Benefits for a Veteran or the Family Member of a Veteran, it is recommended that you contact a Veterans Service Officer for an interview. It is very important that you consult with a Certified Veterans Service Officer (VSC) from one of our Veterans Service Organizations to help determine what you are, or are not, entitled too.

Instructions for searching for information on this page.
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  • Organizations Name and it will send you to their website.
  • Address and it will send you to Google Maps with directions to their location.
  • Phone number and it will; dial them thru Skype on your computer, or dial them from your Smartphone.

Below is a partial list of Service Providers that offer goods, services, programs and benefits to our Veterans, Military and their Families.

Marion County

Multi-Service Providers - Offers Direct Services to Veterans

Single-Service Providers - Offers Direct Services to Veterans

    Bus Rides - Free to Vets


    Legal Services - Free to Vets

    PTSD Programs

    Vets with Pets

    Where to get a Hot Meal in Indy

    Phone or On-Line Providers of Information

    Emergency Agencies - w/Phone Numbers

    1. Mayors Action Line
      (317) 327-4662
    2. Crime Stoppers Hotline - Report a Crime
      (317) 262-8477
    3. Child Protective Services
      (800) 800-5566
    4. Suicide Hotline
      (317) 251-7575
    5. Adult Protective Services
      (317) 327-1403
    6. Domestic Violence Shelters
      (317) 926-4357
    7. Indy's Police Department (IMPD)
      (317) 327-3811
    8. Indy's Fire Department (IFD)
      (317) 327-6041

    Emergency Services Information

    Emergency Services in Indy - Offers Direct Services to Anyone in Need

    State of Indiana

    Phone or On-Line Providers of Information


    Who Works for You?

    Find Your Local Officials Find Your State Officials Find Your Federal Officials

    Veteran's Organizations & Programs

    Military Branches & Government Agencies

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    Any questions, please contact Don Hawkins at:
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    For Medical or Physical Emergencies:

    • If you or someone you are helping is hurt or in imminent danger, please get to a phone and dial 9-1-1 for immediate help. 
    • If you or someone you know is feeling suicidal, or facing a crisis, dial 2-1-1 in Indy or 1-(866) 211-9966 for immediate help.
    • If you are a victim of domestic violence dial 1-(800) 332-7385 or (317) 926-4357 for help.

    For Non-Emergencies:

    • If you are a Veteran or a Family member of a Veteran in search of information on his/her benefits and/or you/they require immediate services, you can dial 2-1-1, or contact one of the service providers or organizations listed on our "Resources" page.

    Please Note:

    • VSC & MACV only providers Information and Referrals on the resources you may need and does not provide any direct services.